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Activities onsite

Relax and unwind come to mind, but when you feel like doing something... how about: wave surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, whale watching from the shore (in season), Village walks or bicycle excursions through some of the Kingdom’s most welcoming and traditionally intact communities.

Packing tip: Even though we have some standard snorkel sets and beach towels available, we recommend that (if you have your own), you bring them with you and you may also like to include some footwear for the water, because: as beautiful as the corals are, you do not accidentally want to step on one without protection.

surfer kayaking



Beach pavillion

If you just want to simply stare at the sea, relax, draw, listen to music, and date, maybe our new beach pavilion is perfect for you, to let yourself go !



Activities on Tongatapu

Staying on one of the most beautiful spots on Tongatapu does not mean you have to forego other highlights the island has to offer. The majority of activities available on Tongatapu can be reached with relatively little effort and we will be more than happy to assist you with arranging these upon your arrival!

Activities include:


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